Year 6 and 7 Mathematics, Science and Technology


For this term in Health, we will be focusing on three main topics
1) Body Systems
2) Diseases
3) Medical Discoveries
Assessment will be based upon your workbook and a brochure. Below you will find notes and assignments for each week.
WEEK 1-April 5th
Focus: What is Health? Concept map of body systems. Create title page for homework.
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WEEK 2- April 12th

Focus: •Improve general knowledge of human body.Increase understanding of human body systems & main organs
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WEEK 3- APRIL 19th

Focus: Understanding human body systerms group poster. Outline the body of one of your classmates onto a piece of large paper. Cut out the major organs and paste them onto the body appropriately.

WEEK 4- APRIL 26th

Focus: Understanding human body systerms group poster- Finsih labelling body system poster with your group members. Introduction to "Body System Brochure Investigation " 
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WEEK 5-MAY 3rd

Focus: Working on Travel Brochure-make sure you follow all criteria and requirements from the task sheet. Remember the task: this brochure should illustrate a "TOUR" through one of the three body systems (circulatory, digestive, respiratory) that incorporates text and pictures. Be creative and imaginative when designing your brochure.

WEEK 6-MAY 10th

Focus: Continue to work on travel brochure. Be sure to check task sheet and rubric before you hand in your brochure.
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WEEK 7-MAY 17th

Focus: complete reflection sheet for health brochure

WEEK 8-MAY 24th

Focus: homework challenge, obesity and diabetes
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