Year 6 and 7 Mathematics, Science and Technology

Hello and welcome!

Hello to all and welcome back to AIS for term 2. My name is James Burford, and I am fortunate enough to be joining AIS from Brisbane, Australia.

As the new MST teacher, I am excited about working with the students in a fun and supportive educational environment. I am a strong believer in engaging learners and their vast learning differences, in order to appeal to the diversity evident at AIS.

In regards to content, the initial unit in Maths this term explores the concepts of Rates, Ratio and Proportion. We will closely focus on the relationships between numbers and measurement, and how these apply to the students' everyday lives. In addition, we will be looking at the properties of shapes and how these relate to global megastructures.

In terms of Science, students will be undertaking a course in the Science behind megastructures. This is the perfect part of the world to be analysing such a study, and this Science unit will be linked with a similar study carried out in the EST strand. More specifically, students will be leaning about elements of force, simple machines as well as environmental implications associated with megastructures.

This is an exciting time for both the students and myself, and I look forward to growing and learning from them, as I hope they do from me.

James Burford
6/7 MST Teacher