Year 6 and 7 Mathematics, Science and Technology

Learning Outcomes:

Timetables and duration of events involving both 12- and 24-hour time cycles in Australian time zones can be calculated ( e.g. calculate the length of a flight between the east and west coasts of Australia, taking into account the time difference)

·   Knows key times in 24-hour time, that 0000 is midnight; that times between 0000 and 1200 are am and that times after 1200 are pm

·  Calculates time elapsed in terms of hours, minutes and seconds from analog and digital timepieces, for both 12- and 24-hour cycles

·  Knows names of longer periods like decades and centuries

·   Knows Australian time zones and Australian daylight savings times


Hi all. Your exam for both boys and girls has been scheduled for WEDNESDAY. Those who don't attend will be receiving a phone call home to determine why. Today (Sunday) you will receive your revision sheets. This is all you will need to guide your study for the exam, so know them well!

Mr James :)

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